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Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Protection in Idaho and Wyoming for over 30 Years!

The complexity of protecting buildings, assets, and people from a fire in the commercial marketplace is unique. Densely populated and highly trafficked facilities, from grocery stores and shopping centers to hospitals and clinics, have unique life safety challenges. If an emergency were to occur, the damages could be catastrophic.

3-D Fire Protection understands the life safety concerns as well as importance of protecting the assets and the building. We have installed a variety of clean agent systems, designed to have minimum residue to protect artifacts, documents, and data centers. From dry pipe fire sprinkler systems to special hazard systems, there is no fire protection job in the commercial realm that we aren’t equipped for.

Our team of NICET-certified designers, project managers, and field technicians provide our commercial customers with exceptional customer service from the start of your project through the final testing and beyond. On a schedule dictated by insurance and industry regulations, we continue to provide excellent service to our customers by conducting required inspections and performing any regular or emergency service work.

We design, install, and maintain the integrity of commercial fire sprinkler and suppression systems in the following facilities:

  • Retail
  • Grocery stores
  • Malls and strip malls
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • And more!

By providing services in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming and our partnerships with larger organizations across the United States, 3-D Fire Protection is your preferred fire protection contractor at a local level and nationwide. Contact 3-D Fire Protection today to learn more about our commercial fire protection experience!