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Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Protection Systems We Install & Service

The type of fire protection system you need for your building may vary depending on the type of facility and different hazards present. 3-D Fire Protection designs, fabricates, installs, inspects, and services a wide variety of fire protection systems in commercial, industrial, government, and residential applications.

The fire protection systems we service include:

  • Wet Sprinkler: This sprinkler system contains water inside of the pipes and is ready to immediately discharge in the event of a fire.
  • Dry Sprinkler: A dry pipe system does not hold water within the pipes. The pipes are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen that holds the water back. This system works well in areas where pipes may freeze.
  • Pre-action Sprinkler: This is similar to a dry pipe sprinkler system except the water is held back by a pre-action valve that opens when a fire is detected.
  • Clean Agent: Clean agent fire suppression is a non-water-based fire extinguishing system that extinguishes fire through the use of a chemical agent.
  • Victaulic Vortex Fire Suppression Systems: A hybrid fire extinguishing system that uses a combination of nitrogen and atomized water to extinguish fire.
  • Corrosion Management Systems: Nitrogen inerting can help control corrosion in sprinkler systems by removing the oxygen in wet and dry pipe systems and replacing it with nitrogen, an inert gas, which inhibits oxidation inside the sprinkler pipe.
  • Fire Pumps: A fire pump provides the water supply at the required pressure to a fire sprinkler system.
  • Underground Fire Water Lines, including Hydrants and Valves.

3-D Fire Protection can service your fire protection system to keep it in optimal condition. We provide design, installation, inspection, testing, and repairs for your systems. Inspection and testing can be done as often as required by local codes and regulations to keep your facility in compliance.

To learn more about the systems provided by 3-D Fire Protection, contact us today. We service systems in eastern Idaho and western Wyoming with a regional and national reach through our partnership with Delta Fire Systems and APi NSG.